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Wet daylilies


It is one of those strange days where it is past noon, but the fog hasn’t burned off yet. It gets all the surfaces wet, but the plants don’t actually get any water. The mis-season flowering has passed, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of flowers every day.
There are 2 flowers by Dan Hansen open, ‘Buzz Lightyear’

and ‘Laura Mast’

There is also my grandmother, ‘Mable Esther Stutz’

I took a large patterned one by Dan Hansen, ‘Life is a Highway’ and crossed it to a very dark one, ‘Christine Walser Hite’. The dark ones are either very dark reds or very dark purples. CWH is a dark red, and it shows in the resulting union:

I tried crossing a favorite patterned one, ‘Emozione’ with a spider type, “Twisted Mint Julep’. The result is a large 7” pattern.

I have tried to put an edge on one that I like, and the result is (Better Lucky Than Good x Hippie Crash Pad) x Michigan Nikki.

I also crossed a dark (Honky Tonk Blues x Unk) with Crystal Blue Persuasion, and got a light patterned one.

‘Natchez Lace’ has a large ruffled edge, and I crossed it to (Chartreuse Wonder x Here Lies Butch) for a large 7" flower with a nice edge.

Then there is a very special one that is a strong gold with a yellow applique throat.

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You have created some crackers there Wylie. Mable is beautiful, what a tribute to your Grandmother's name.

29 Jun, 2020


Your flowers re espetacular, congratulations

29 Jun, 2020


Thanks. They seem to get better every year!

30 Jun, 2020


lovely colour and petal effects Wylie.

1 Jul, 2020


You always come up with beauties always new and different such a great collection you have.

1 Jul, 2020


What absolutely beautiful blooms.

2 Jul, 2020


Thanks! It is something that keeps me busy.

2 Jul, 2020


They are great flowers, Wylie! :)

How long do they take to flower from seed? Hybridising has always been something that has fascinated me. As a boy I once tried to cross a Parrot Tulip with a Daffodil!!! :D :D :D

That has always stuck in my mind!

2 Jul, 2020


If you start early, you can get a flower in 8 months. Usually most will have their first flower the following year, and a few it takes 1 more year. Just because something is in the same family, it doesn't mean they will cross. Hippeastrums won't cross with Amaryllis or Nerines (which will cross with each other).

3 Jul, 2020


Hummm, what you mean about start early? I'm in the beggining of winter.

5 Jul, 2020


The seeds need 3 weeks refrigeration, then soaking for 3 weeks in water in the refrigerator. You can start that now as I start the soaking process on Dec 22nd. Check the seeds while they are soaking (a little plastic envelope filled with water & seeds) every day and sow as they begin to sprout in an area where the temperature is 16° to 20°.

5 Jul, 2020


Thank you Wyllie.
So far my refrigerator has seeds of blue spruce and a pot with tulip bulbs. Thinking about buying a refrigerator just to reproduce the plants :)

5 Jul, 2020


Thanks, Wylie.

Perhaps you need a bigger fridge then, Aleyna! :D

6 Jul, 2020


Right Balcony :)

7 Jul, 2020

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