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Fall is on its way


It doesn’t feel like fall is approaching since out temperatures are in the 26-28°C range during the day, but the flowers say otherwise. One of the first indicators are the Amaryllis belladonnas popping up. I have found that the white and dark pink ones are a couple of weeks ahead of the normal species.

I found by accident that one of my bromeliads has put up a stalk – Aechmea kertesziae

Of course, since there has been a little rain, the daylilies are putting on another show.
Buster Ruster:

(Eder 0009 x Strikingly Dramatic) x Natchez Lace:

And if you like patterns as much as I do, there are two very nice ones, the first is (Core Values x Life is a Highway)

These daylilies are tough guys because I didn’t give them any additional water all summer, and July was very dry. Then there were many days when the UV level was at 10 and it almost burned to go into the sun, so the weeds got a little out of hand.

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Beautiful, colourful lilies, Wylie. It certainly doesn’t look or sound like the start of autumnal weather for you!

5 Sep, 2020


Buster Ruster has an incredible flower.

5 Sep, 2020


Aren't they gorgeous,especially the white one.

5 Sep, 2020


Thanks. I like the autumn time, when a lot of the bulbs I have wake up and start growing or flowering. I am just not a summer person.

6 Sep, 2020


stunning flowers as always Wylie.
I love seeing your plant breeding successes. those daylilies are stunners.

6 Sep, 2020


Lovely to see the Amaryllis Belladonas flowering! They are such lovely flowers! The Day lilies are looking great in spite of not having been watered & having to face such high temps & UV levels!

7 Sep, 2020


The Amaryllis is used here as a roadside plant, so the whole island is covered in them. If you dig up a daylily, you'll see engorged parts on the roots. Those are water reservoirs for the plant.

8 Sep, 2020


Beautiful blooms.

8 Sep, 2020


You have such wonderful varities there love th e Amaryllis such gorgeous colour patterns on those Day lilys.

8 Sep, 2020


Thanks! I have a lot of the white Amaryllis bulbs putting up flower stems. Now if the Nerines will help out, I can make the cross of xAmarine.

9 Sep, 2020


That would be interesting to see .

13 Sep, 2020


I have several in the works from the last 2 years, and the bulbs are getting bigger. If they are like their Amaryllis side of the cross, it will take several years to get big enough to flower.

14 Sep, 2020


Thats great Wylie I would never of thought to cross Ameryllis with Nerines it will be interesting to see which way they go I bet you are looking forward to seeing how they develop O am.

14 Sep, 2020


It is possible to buy the Amaryllis x Nerine crosses on eBay. They are known as Amarines. A guide line to start with is that the round seeds Amaryllis produce may cross with other member of the same family that produce round seeds. Brunsvigia (Amarygia), Crinums (Amarcrinum). It is also why Hippeastrums are in the same family, but won't cross unless you you a flat seed plant like Sprekelia, which produces a Hippeastrelia. I do have some Nerine x Amaryllis bulbs growing that I am excited to see what happens as that isn't the usual direction of the cross.

15 Sep, 2020


Thank you Wylie I shall look that up also the Sprekelia .
I shall look forward to seeing your Nerine x Amaryllis of what they produce sounds exciting as you say they must be special to you for you being so excited to see them.

17 Sep, 2020

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