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Early June flowers


Summer is trying to come. One day it is shorts, the next is long pants. But the minimum temperatures are on the rise, which is the most important part.
In the upper part of Altares is where the water reservoir for our conselho (like a county) is located. Across the street is a government area that grows plants for roadside plantings. My neighbor was given a hydrangea by one of the people who works there, and of course cuttings find their way all over the place. I don’t know the cultivar name.

Something that wandered over from my neighbor’s place is Vinca minor and is something that needs to be watched as it spreads.

Another plant that likes to spread is Canna indica, also know as Indian Shot. The view is from the lower part of my property towards the sea. The seeds are quick to germinate.

Then there is that other group of flowers that dominate my yard, the Daylilies.
Leading for registration this year is [Emozione x (Angel Fairy Tern x Judge Nancy)].

The pod parent is a favorite of mine, ‘Emozione’

There is a reason why I don’t always take a photo in situ, but use a background. If I wait until a flower is in full sun, the colors will wash out in the photo. So I do some with a background and also because a color than is seen live will fade in a photo. An example of this is when I try to get a photo of [Crystal Blue Persuasion x (Yabba Dabba Doo x Willow)]. Here are 3 examples of how a background can affect the blue halo on the petals.

A registration of mine from last year is ‘Pico do Vale Verde’ in a one-off poly form.

Also under consideration for registration this year is the sibling to ‘Star of Portugal’, (Unk x Free Wheelin’).

A small diploid I like to use is ‘Crystal Blue Persuasion’.

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very pretty Wylie, Vincas can be a bit of a thug if left unchecked. I have several that need a drastic peeling back.

Daylilies beautiful as usual.

7 Jun, 2022


😀 Lovely plants, Wylie! 👍 Thanks for the demonstration of the differences the background makes on the flowers!

The Daylilies are spectacular & I wouldn't know which to fave! 😜

7 Jun, 2022


My day lilies are yet to flower!
it is a good idea what you did with the flower and background!
I have a vinca that appeared in the front garden from under shrubs and a tree and have had to pull some of it out as it is now "running" across the borders!

7 Jun, 2022


Thanks! The vincas over at my neighbors (they are across the street) has been left to run rampant for around 15 years and is only kept in check by more aggressive plants, like bracken, and the shade. I think what happened is there are people who clean the streets. They are required to do work for the village in order to receive assistance. There is one guy who is very meticulous in cleaning the streets and the walls. They just toss the waste they pick up into property that isn't an active front yard, so I think he picked it from where it was and has now spread to my field. The same thing happened with Impatiens that started over there and get to 4-5 feet tall in my front field.

8 Jun, 2022


Wylie, I'd like to see the "Impatiens that started over there and get to 4-5 feet tall in my front field." Do you have a picture?

9 Jun, 2022


It is raining today, so I'll try tomorrow.

10 Jun, 2022


Thanks Wylie, I love the way you displayed your day lilies against appropriate background colour too - very effective.
The hydrangea is an attractive colour, very fetching.

13 Jun, 2022

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