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Can anyone help.


Hi everyone, it’s me Yorkshire, my Husband would like to know what is wrong with his crab apple tree, as you will see by the photo’s the leaves are yellow and falling fast, its like autumn here in the garden.

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Hi Yorkie, I'd pop this on questions too, some folk who may be very helpful sometimes don't look at blogs.
I'm wondering about apple scab........

4 Jul, 2013


Thanks Pam, took your advice and put it on questions, then decided to google it, your right it is apple scab.

4 Jul, 2013


Not being funny but do you think it might need water too? We are having a really weird year of weather aren't we??

4 Jul, 2013


Pleased you did Yorkie Owdboggy is very good x
Hope you can sort the tree.....its a bit big to spray it all!

I know what you mean about the weather Gran its been really odd......

5 Jul, 2013


Well Pam....first to wet,then windy, now too dry etc.....when will we ever see our 'seasons' again??

5 Jul, 2013


Pam a big job but OH managed to spray the whole tree.

6 Jul, 2013

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