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I thought you would all appreciate knowing that Kate has sadly caught Covid, after such a short time on the wards. She was already very tired, which I guess reduces resistance. She’s talking about returning to work but really should have a rest first.
I know some of you will want to hold her in your prayers.
The reports of carers’ daily lives in hospital is very worrying – they are true heroes.

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What sad and depressing news, I will certainly hold Kate in my prayers. Thanks for the information Sue, I've been wondering about her.


7 Feb, 2021


Hope you get well soon Kate. Xxxx

7 Feb, 2021


I too hope she makes a speedy recovery. Get better soon Kate.

7 Feb, 2021


You will be in my prayers. I hope you make A speedy recovery. Take care to all of your family.

7 Feb, 2021


You were in my thoughts, Kate, and will be in them still. We all miss you on here and I send all love. xx

Thanks ,Yorks, for telling us. x

7 Feb, 2021


So sorry to heart that. I was thinking of here when she was absent for period of time.

Get well soon Kate. We miss you here. XXX

Thanks for letting us know Yorkslass.

8 Feb, 2021


Get well soon Kate. Give yourself time to get strong before you try to do too much. x

8 Feb, 2021


So sorry to read this and wishing you a good recovery Kate ... :o)

8 Feb, 2021


Thank you, everyone. You are all so kind and a really lovely bunch of people. I do appreciate all your kind words, thoughts and well-wishes.
I’m getting a bit better, albeit still coughing and aching all over. Still a bit fatigued and head fuzzy.
It could be worse. I’m taking the time to think about the garden in spring and all the things that need doing and I want to do.
I do hope you are all well and safe out there.
Thank you again, love to everyone xxxxxx

8 Feb, 2021


So sorry to hear for you ,so many around me .hope you get better very soon

8 Feb, 2021


Kate, so good to see some words from you. Just take it easy and get yourself better. Thinking of you ... :o)

8 Feb, 2021


Thank you Shirley and Mossy, it’s very kind of you both. I am grateful to have your best wishes in mind. x

9 Feb, 2021

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